Jill K. Davison

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Knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and intellectual leader are just a few words most often used to describe Jill Davison. With almost two decades of experience in the fast-paced financial industry, Jill has established herself as a powerhouse and an innovative leader and advisor.

In her current role as owner of Davison Wealth Group, Jill leads strategic business development, strengthened client relationships, change and program management, and guides the success of her high-performing team. She has consistently found success through her effective communication skills and the unique ability to navigate the details. Jill has earned the trust and admiration of her clients and peers alike.

Even with all of the accolades, one of Jill’s most proud positions is mom/step mom to 8 kids in her own blended family. It is in this role that she has had the most rewards. She takes pride in educating and assisting other blended families down the path of the unknown. As Jill has learned first hand, blended families are just different than traditional. She helps her clients to understand and develop a plan, personally and uniquely created just for them. With the right blended family management, you can make money an asset to your relationship and not a liability. Jill uses her many years of financial planning and blended family experience to help you merge your current financial realities and family, and protect your marriage and your “happily ever after…again”

Jill has built and developed an exemplary professional career. From overseeing a top nationally ranked team to sales of over $20M through strategic sales plans, she has taken on challenging roles across the industry and worked tirelessly to produce exceptional results. She has worked with 100’s of families to develop the plan best suited for them.

She has worked as a financial advisor, recruiting sales manager, and regional director. She worked tirelessly to expand her experience and financial acumen, which would guide her down the path into leadership and higher levels of responsibility. These roles have led her to where she is today.

Jill looks forward to working with your blended family as you sort through the financial chaos of combining your lives…while still enjoying your happily ever after…again!